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The Erix Cutting Tool

Developed with the user in mind, the Erix Tool is reliable, efficient, safe, user-friendly and durable.

The Erix Back Spotfacing Tool

Designed to chamfer, front and back spotface and deburr several different surfaces in one smooth motion.

The Erix Chamfering Tool

The Erix chamfering tool is the ideal solution for chamfering in confined spaces.

How does the Erix Tool Work?


When rotating anticlockwise, the cutting wingfolds into the spindle recess as it passesthrough the hole.

Once through, the wing automatically opensup into the cutting position. When rotatingclockwise, it can begin back spotfacing.

When finished, simply feed the spindle untilthe wing is clear of the workpiece and then,rotating anticlockwise, retract the tool.

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