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In today’s manufacturing world, efficiency and versatility are becoming much more important for the automotive enterprises. In the last 3 years at Balance Systems I’ve visited many Tier 1 suppliers in the United Kingdom and North America, and I found them struggling because they are put under pressure from their executives to produce different sizes of parts than their current portfolio. Just to give you an idea, last month my client in Mexico asked me to consult on how to handle 53 different parts on the same balancing machine!

As you can imagine, in situations like this, the operator needs to retool the machine several times a day (actually 5 times). As a consequence, the changeover becomes really crucial for the efficiency of the supply chain.

The Balance Systems answer to this scenario is to design the balancing machine with operator’s aids and mechanical solutions that improve the retooling time. Not all machines have this upgrade but the BVK4 for brake disks does. The changeover in this case is 5 minutes and since I know for a fact that there are some balancers running in the field that require 6 hours, you can imagine the time savings benefit.

Take a closer look at the changeover process below, it’s the BVK4 balancer for brake disks:

Balance Systems BVK4

Francesco William D’Alessandro

Export and Branch Manager at Balance Systems