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By using batteries and electric motors to supplement (or replace) traditional internal combustion engines (ICE), vehicle manufacturers are answering the call of consumers for reduced fuel consumption and emissions.

Tesla has recently announced an all-electric transport truck, Hyundai has launched an all-electric model range called Ioniq, Honda is relaunching the Insight and Clarity models, both of which run partial-electric powertrains. Some of the world’s fastest exotic cars these days are also hybrids. The list goes on. So, a new and rapidly-growing class of partially and fully-electric vehicles is hitting the scene, leaving the Automotive Suppliers with some new challenges to face.

Given this scenario, the answer of Balance Systems is to supply BALANCING MACHINES and SPIN TEST MACHINES specifically designed for the aforementioned EV and HEV applications. The two models are:

• Balancing Machine, RB50A
• Spin Test Machine, ST100