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Semi-automatic balancing machine


  • Semi-automatic balancing machine, specifically developed for balancing rotors for asynchronous motors, brushless motors and similar rotating parts, in a completely automatic way on two planes (dynamic).
  • The unbalance is corrected by removing material as an outcome of radial drilling or axial milling.
  • Operator interface by industrial PC.
  • High level of flexibility and quick changeover.


  • Automatic set-up.
  • High level of flexibility
  • High level of repeatability and precision of the unbalance measuring
  • Diagnostic and preventive maintenance program
  • Quick changeover
  • High level of reliability
  • User friendly


Automotive Components, Balancing machines, Brushless rotors, Home appliances, Industrial electric motors, Rotors for asynchronous motors, Rotors for asynchronous motors for washing machines, Rotors for brushless motors